The use of explosives to aid in ditch excavation, such as for laying pipelines.

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Said of a manned aid to navigation that has been temporarily discontinued for the winter season. See also COMMISSIONED, WITHDRAWN.


An aid to navigation which transmits information through its visible characteristics. It may be lighted or unlighted.


1) Using a rope to move a vessel without the aid of propulsion or sail. A rope used for warping or securing a vessel. 2) If a kedge is used to move a vessel it is called kedging.


  1. The process of binding together pulverized minerals, such as coal dust, into briquets under pressure, often with the aid of a binder, such as asphalt. 2. A process or method of mounting mineral ore, rock, or metal fragments in an embedding or casting material, such as natural or artificial resins, waxes, metals, or alloys, to facilitate handling during grinding, polishing, and microscopic examination.


Said of a previously authorized aid to navigation that has been removed from operation (permanent or temporary).


  1. The network of lines representing parallels and meridians on a map, chart, or plotting sheet. A fictitious graticule represents fictitious parallels and fictitious meridians. 2. A scale at the focal plane of an optical instrument to aid in the measurement of objects.


A system of aids to navigation in which the shape, color, and number distinction are assigned in accordance with location relative to the nearest obstruction. The cardinal points delineate the sectors for aid location. The cardinal system is partic- ularly applicable to a region having numerous small islands and isolated dangers. In the LATERAL SYSTEM, used in United States waters, the aids are assigned shape, color, and number distinction as a means of indicating navigable waters.


The use of rotating parallel lines overlayed on a radar display to aid in piloting.


A navigation aid intended to mark the sides of a channel or waterway


The daytime identifier of an aid to navigation presenting one of several standard shapes (square, triangle, rectangle) and colors (red, green, white, orange, yellow, or black).

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