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A heater that has a set of heat-transfer coils through which air is forced by a fan operating at a relatively high velocity.

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A room unit which performs part or all of the air conditioning functions. It may or may not be used with a central fan system.


The prevalent or characteristic meteorological conditions of a place or region, in contrast with weather, the state of the atmosphere at any time. A marine climate is characteristic of coastal areas, islands, and the oceans, the distinctive features being small annual and daily temperature range and high relative humidity, in contrast with continental climate, which is characteristic of the interior of a large land mass, and the distinctive features of which are large annual and daily temperature range and dry air with few clouds.


A mechanical fan located in the attic space of a residence; usually moves large quantities of air at a relatively low velocity.


A microphone consisting essentially of a flexible metal diaphragm and a rigid metal plate that together form a two-plate air capacitor; sound waves set the diaphragm in vibration, producing capacitance variations that are converted into audiofrequency signals by a suitable amplifier circuit. Also known as condenser microphone; electrostatic microphone.


A set of movable vanes in the inlet of a fan to provide regulation of airflow.


A type of air circulation in a temperature control container. Air is pulled by a fan from the top of the container, passed through the evaporator coil for cooling, and then forced through the space under the load and up through the cargo. This type of air ow provides even temperatures.


  1. A steel chamber fitted with auxiliary equipment to raise its air pressure to a value two to six times atmospheric pressure; used to relieve a diver who has decompressed too quickly in ascending. 2. Such a chamber in which conditions of high atmospheric pressure can be simulated for experimental purposes.


A furnace that uses a fan to circulate the air in the system.


A type of air whose characteristics are developed over high latitudes, especially Within the subpolar highs. Continental polar air has low surface temperature, low moisture content, and especially in its source regions, has great stability in the lower layers. It is shallow in comparison with arctic air. Maritime polar air initially possesses similar properties to those of continental polar air, but in passing over warmer water it becomes unstable with a higher moisture content.


Low-temperature evaporator which uses a fan to force air rapidly over the evaporator surface.

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