A core of gunpowder in the center of jute, yarn, and so on for igniting an explosive charge in a shot hole. blast lamp See blast burner.

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  1. A conical-nosed cylindrical weight, attached to a wire rope or line, either notched or seated to engage and attach itself to the upper end of a wire line core barrel or other retrievable or retractable device that has been placed in a borehole. Also known as bug; godevil; overshot. 2. A scraper with self-adjusting spring blades, inserted in a pipeline and carried forward by the fluid pressure, clearing away accumulations or debris from the walls of a pipe. Also known as go-devil. 3. A bullet-shaped weight or small explosive charge dropped to explode a charge of nitroglycerin placed in a borehole. Also known as go-devil. 4. An electric lamp covered by a conical metal case, usually at the end of a flexible metal shaft. 5. See torpedo.


  1. A tool for packing in material to fill a blast hole containing a charge of powder. 2. A laborer who shovels or dumps asbestos fibers and sprays them with water in order to prepare them for the beating. 3. A machine that cuts or beats paper stock.


A rotary core drill with hardened steel shot for cutting rock. Also known as shot drill.


A device in which a charge is heated directly by induction, with no magnetic core material linking the charge. Also known as coreless-type induction furnace.


A core drill with hardened steel shot pellets that revolve under the rim of the rotating tube; employed in rotary drilling in very hard ground.


A soft synthetic rubber washer with a steel core fixed in the outer ring (in the seal groove) in contact with the inner ring to retain lubricant and keep out contamination.


A subatomic particle, located in the nucleus of atoms, having a positive electronic charge and a mass of 1.


A semiconductor detector of electromagnetic radiation that is doped with an electrical impurity and utilizes transitions of charge carriers from impurity states in the band gap to nearby energy bands.


Amount of refrigerant placed in a refrigerating unit.


A cargo on which the transportation charge is assessed on the basis of weight.

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