A small-flow valve connected to a fluid process vessel or line for the purpose of bleeding off small quantities of contained fluid.

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A process of removing air from fluid lines or pipes.


A valve used to drain off material that has separated from a fluid or gas stream, or one used to empty a process line, vessel, or storage tank.


A mooring line led from the vessel to the shore and then back to the vessel. It can be let go and retrieved from on board the vessel as it departs.


The process of transferring cargo from one vesel to another to reduce the draft of the first vessel. Done to allow a vessel to enter a port with limited depth or to help free a grounded vessel.


A pipe or duct, usually controlled by valve or damper, for conveying a fluid around an element of a system.


For a fluid confined in a vessel, the rate of flow of heat out of the fluid, per unit area of vessel wall divided by the difference between the temperature in the interior of the fluid and the temperature at the surface of the wall. Also known as convection coefficient.


A one-way valve placed at the entrance of a suction line that is opened by the flow of water. The purpose of the valve is to prevent reverse flow.


Process for removal of minor constituents from fluids by stirring in direct contact with powdered or granulated adsorbents, or by passing the fluid through fixed-position adsorbent beds (activated carbon or ion-exchange resin); used to decolorize petroleum lubricating oils and to remove solvent vapors from air.


Multi-orifice (opening) flow control valve with three fluid flow openings.


  1. A mechanism to activate process control equipment by use of pneumatic, hydraulic, or electronic signals; for example, a valve actuator for opening or closing a valve to control the rate of fluid flow. 2. An auxiliary external electrode used to apply a known electrostatic force to the diaphragm of a microphone for calibration purposes. Also known as electrostatic actuator. 3. A device that produces mechanical force by means of pressurized fluid.

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