Any substance used for compounding gasoline, including natural gasoline, catalytically reformed products, and additives. Also known as blend stock.

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The substance dissolved in a solution. A solution is made up of the solvent and the solute.


A non conducting substance or one offering high resistance to passage of energy

SI (Systeme International) Units

An internationally accepted system of units modeled on the metric system consisting of units of length (meter), mass (kilogram), time (second), electric current (ampere), temperature (degrees Kelvin), and amount of substance (mole).


Heat treatment that shrinks an envelope of polyethylene or similar substance around several units, thus forming one unit. It is used e.g. to secure packages on a pallet.


An ideal emitter which radiates energy at the maximum possible rate per unit area at each wavelength for any given temper- ature. A blackbody also absorbs all the radiant energy in the near visible spectrum incident upon it. No actual substance behaves as a true blackbody.


Substance added in small quantities to a petroleum product to increase its oxidation resistance, thereby lengthening its service or storage life; also called anti-oxidant. An oxidation inhibitor may work in one of these ways: (1) by combining with and modifying peroxides (initial oxidation products) to render them harmless, (2) by decomposing the peroxides, or (3) by rendering an oxidation catalyst inert.


The decrease in volume per unit volume of a substance ment drives, especially while See centimeter.cmHg See centimeter of mercury.


Substance containing fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine.


The pressure at which a substance exists in the liquid state at its critical temperature. (In other words it is the saturation pressure at the critical temperature)


Any product, material or substance is included in Division 5 if it is packaged in an aerosol container and, when tested in accordance with the method set out in Schedule VI of the Controlled Products Regulations, produces a flame projection or a flashback.

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