Measure of the ability of an added component (for example, tetraethyllead, isooctane, and aromatics) to affect the octane rating of a base gasoline stock.

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A component of a carburetor that holds a small amount of liquid gasoline and serves as a constant-level reservoir of fuel that is metered into the passing flow of air.


A principal component of a lathe consisting of a base and an upper part dovetailed together; the base is graduated in degrees and can be swiveled to any angle; the upper part includes the tool post and tool holder.


A trajectory-measuring system using several antenna base lines, each separated by large distances, to measure direction cosines to an object; then the object's space position is computed by triangulation. Derived from correlation tracking and triangulation.


The rating of a component or equipment which defines the substantially constant conditions which can be tolerated for an indefinite time without significant reduction of service life.


A graduated disk affixed to the base of a transit or theodolite which is used to measure horizontal angles.


An instrument dropped from high altitude by a stable parachute, to measure the vertical component of turbulence aloft; consists of an accelerometer and radio telemetering equipment.


Measure of the pressure of vapor accumulated above a sample of gasoline or other volatile fuel in a standard bomb at 100°F (37.8°C). Used to predict the vapor locking tendencies of the fuel in a vehicle's fuel system. Controlled by law in some areas to limit air pollution from hydrocarbon evaporation while dispensing.


A routeing measure to separate the flow of vessels in areas of high traffic density, usually the approaches to busy harbours. Vessels should enter and exit the zones at their termination points.


An instrument used to measure the thickness of a material, for example, a sheet of paper.


A decorative or functional item or component in a room that is fixed in place but not actually built in. Also known as fitting.

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