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A solid disk inserted at a pipe joint or union to prevent the flow of fluids through the pipe; used during maintenance and repair work as a safety precaution. Also known as blank.

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  1. Braking an electric motor by reversing its connections, so it tends to turn in the opposite direction; the circuit is opened automatically when the motor stops, so the motor does not actually reverse. 2. The formation of a barrier (plug) of solid material in a process flow system, such as a pipe or reactor.


Process of leaching by the use of continuous equipment in which the solid and liquid are both moved mechanically, and by the use of a series of leach tanks and the countercurrent flow of solvent through the tanks in reverse order to the flow of solid.


The chemical union of two or more molecules of the same compound to form a larger molecule of 1 new compound called a polymer. By this mechanism the reaction can become self-propagating causing liquids to become more viscous and the end result may even be a solid substance. Such chemical reactions usually give off a great deal of heat.


An instrument in which fluid in a pipe is made to rotate at a constant speed by a motor-driven impeller, and the torque required by a second, stationary impeller to straighten the flow again is a direct measurement of mass flow.


An electrically operated safety shut-off valve designed to automatically shut off fuel flow upon being de-energized. The valve is opened and reset automatically by integral motor device only.


Pipe elbow used as a liquids flowmeter; flow rate is measured by determining the differential pressure developed between the inner and outer radii of the bend by means of two pressure taps located midway on the bend.


For the purposes of NSCV Part B, all persons who: a) have knowledge of safety procedures and handling of safety equipment on board; b) are not passengers, or members of the crew, or children under one year of age; c) are carried on board in connection with the special purpose of that vessel, or because of special work being carried out aboard that vessel; and d) are able bodied.


A hollow, cylindrical insert placed in a form for a concrete wall at the position where a pipe is to penetrate in order to prevent flow of concrete into the opening.


A solid body of boiler water passed into the steam flow by priming or picked up from a pocket of condensate in the steam line.


A bin whose hopper walls are sufficiently steep and smooth to cause flow of all the solid, without stagnant regions, whenever any solid is withdrawn.

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