A small hole drilled into a rock or boulder into which an anchor bolt or a small charge or explosive may be placed; used in quarries for breaking large blocks of stone or boulders.

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  1. A lightweight container with perforations. 2. A type of single tube core barrel made from thin-wall tubing with the lower end notched into points, which is intended to pick up a sample of granular or plastic rock material by bending in on striking the bottom of the borehole or solid layer; may be used to recover an article dropped into a borehole. Also known as basket barrel; basket tube; sawtooth barrel.


A mechanism designed to rotate and to cause an annular-shaped rockcutting bit to penetrate rock formations, produce cylindrical cores of the formations penetrated, and lift such cores to the surface, where they may be collected and examined.


A charge typically imposed when special lifting gear is required to handle a given piece of cargo, which may be of either heavy weight or of large dimensions (often referred to as 'out of gauge' when dealing with container vessels).


A reinforced hole in the bulwarks at the foremost point of the bow through which a towing hauser or bowline may pass without snagging or encountering excessive wear.


  1. A tool for packing in material to fill a blast hole containing a charge of powder. 2. A laborer who shovels or dumps asbestos fibers and sprays them with water in order to prepare them for the beating. 3. A machine that cuts or beats paper stock.


  1. A hole that takes a heavy charge of explosive. 2. The hole through which water enters in the bottom of a pump stock.


The shaft or hole in the side of a vessel's bow through which the anchor chain passes.


An edge bevelled hole in a plate allowing a matching tapered bolt head to seat flush with the plate's surface.


A clause in a bill of lading which speci es the least charge that the carrier will make for issuing a lading. The charge may be a de nite sum or the current charge per ton for any specified quantity.


  1. A bolt with a loop at one side 2. A small ring or barrel-shaped piece of metal inserted into a hole for reinforcement.

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