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  1. A reinforced concrete structure, often built underground or half-underground, and sometimes dome-shaped, to provide protection against blast, heat, or explosion during rocket launchings or related activities, and usually housing electronic equipment used in launching the rocket. 2. The activity that goes on in such a structure.

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  1. A mechanism to activate process control equipment by use of pneumatic, hydraulic, or electronic signals; for example, a valve actuator for opening or closing a valve to control the rate of fluid flow. 2. An auxiliary external electrode used to apply a known electrostatic force to the diaphragm of a microphone for calibration purposes. Also known as electrostatic actuator. 3. A device that produces mechanical force by means of pressurized fluid.


The housing of the main operating unit of electronic equip- ment, in which indicators and general controls are located. The term is popularly limited to large housings resting directly on the deck, as contrasted with smaller cabinets such as rack or bracket- mounted units.


Electronic devices and equipment used by a pilot to perform the functions of conflict detection and avoidance.


  1. The visual presentation of radar echoes or electronic charts. 2. The equipment for the visual display


A piece of equipment that draws electric or other energy and produces a desired work-saving or other result, such as an electric heater, a radio, or an electronic range.


The protection of humans and equipment against stresses of climate and other elements of the environment.


  1. An electronic element that cannot be divided without destroying its stated function; commonly applied to active elements such as transistors and transducers. 2. A mechanism, tool, or other piece of equipment designed for specific uses.


Interference to electronic equipment that orginates in power lines supplying the equipment, and is conducted to the equipment and coupled through the power supply transformer.


Means the period of time that a respirator, filter or sorbent or other respiratory equipment provides adequate protection to the wearer.


In electric systems, a metal housing containing two or more devices (such as fuses) for protection against excessive current in circuits which supply portable electric appliances.

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