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A cylindrical or spherical corrosion and pressure-resistant container from which acid is forced by compressed air to the agitator; used in manufacture of acids but largely superseded by centrifugal pumps. Also known as acid blowcase; acid egg.

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The introduction of compressed air near the bottom of a tank or other container in order to agitate the liquid therein.


A forging hammer in which the ram and anvil are driven toward each other by compressed air or steam.


Spinning container that separates solid particles from liquids; centrifugal force causes suspended solids to move toward or away from the center of rotation, thus concentrating them in one area for removal.


A device that uses compressed air to inject the fuel into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine.


  1. The melting of an electric fuse because of excessive current. 2. The bursting of a container (such as a tube pipe, pneumatic tire, or dam) by the pressure of the contained fluid. 3. The rupture left by such bursting. 4. The abrupt escape of air from the working chamber of a pneumatic caisson.


An air supply device used in free diving, comprising a demand regulator worn by the diver and a hose extending to a compressed air supply at the surface.


These fire extinguishers use a cylindrical tank that is filled with sodium bicarbonate and an inner container with a solution of aluminium sulphate that combine to produce foam discharge.


  1. A circuit that keeps the output of a radio transmitter or other device essentially constant, even in the presence of large changes in the input amplitude. Abbreviated ALC. 2. In an automotive vehicle, a system in which two air-chamber shock absorbers in the rear are fed compressed air by an electric compressor; pressure in the air chambers is determined automatically by sensors to maintain the vehicle at a predetermined height regardless of load.


A method for the production of low-Btu 142 other fluids by centrifugal means; used to remove dust from air or other fluids, steam from water, and water from steam, and in certain applications to separate particles into two or more size classes. Also known as cyclone classifier.


Corrugated cylindrical container which moves as pressures change, or provides a seal during movement of parts.

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