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A method of fabricating hollow plastic objects, such as bottles, by forcing a parison into a mold cavity and shaping by internal air pressure. Also known as blowing.

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A type of plastics blow molding machine in which air is injected into the parison from the bottom of the mold.


Measurement of the largest opening in the mesh of a filter screen; determined by the pressure needed to force air or gas through the screen while it is submerged in a liquid.


A term used to describe a diesel engine in which air flows into the engine by means of only.


Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate; the rate at which the temperature of water vapour saturated air changes as it ascends or descends. It is taken as 1.5 degree Celsius per 1000ft.


An air supply device used in free diving, comprising a demand regulator worn by the diver and a hose extending to a compressed air supply at the surface.


  1. A steel chamber fitted with auxiliary equipment to raise its air pressure to a value two to six times atmospheric pressure; used to relieve a diver who has decompressed too quickly in ascending. 2. Such a chamber in which conditions of high atmospheric pressure can be simulated for experimental purposes.


A heat exchanger that removes the heat of compression from the air (or other gas) after it leaves the last stage of a compressor.


Fire extinguishing agent used in fire extinguishers and propelled out of a nozzle usually under air pressure.


A device which combines fuel and air in proper proportions for combustion and which enables the fuel-air mixture to burn stably to give a specified flame size and shape.


Removing air from a liquid, usually by ultrasonic and/or vacuum methods.

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