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Glassware formed by blowing air into a ball of liquefied glass until it reaches the desired shape.

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A large, covered furnace or tank for melting large batches of glass, in which heat is supplied by a flame playing over the glass surface, and regenerative heating of combustion air and gas is usually employed. Also known as glass tank.


The introduction of compressed air near the bottom of a tank or other container in order to agitate the liquid therein.


A molding apparatus that forms hollow plastic articles by injecting the blowing air at the bottom of the mold.


  1. A fault, in the form of an elongated bubble, in glass tubing. Also known as hairline. 2. A duct, hose, or pipe that supplies compressed air to a pneumatic tool or piece of equipment.


Shaping a mass of viscid glass by inflating it with air introduced through a tube.


  1. Cutting and fitting panes of glass into frames. 2. Smoothing the lead of a wiped pipe joint by passing a hot iron over it.


An air supply device used in free diving, comprising a demand regulator worn by the diver and a hose extending to a compressed air supply at the surface.


Measurement of the largest opening in the mesh of a filter screen; determined by the pressure needed to force air or gas through the screen while it is submerged in a liquid.


Fire extinguishing agent used in fire extinguishers and propelled out of a nozzle usually under air pressure.


Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate; the rate at which the temperature of water vapour saturated air changes as it ascends or descends. It is taken as 1.5 degree Celsius per 1000ft.

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