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A flexible thermoplastic film tube made by applying pressure inside a molten extruded plastic tube to expand it prior to cooling and winding flat onto rolls.

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A pressure part of the boiler consisting of a flat tube sheet into which the ends of the water tubes are rolled. In a parallel plane is a tube cap or handhole sheet. The two sheets are spaced about 4 to 8 in. or more apart. The top and bottom and both ends are flanged together and riveted or may be closed by a narrow flanged strip of plate riveted to each sheet. Circulating nipples connect the top of the header and drum, or the header may be flanged and riveted directly to the drum. Welding would be used today instead of rivets.


A refrigeration system in which air serves as the refrigerant in a cycle of adiabatic compression, cooling to ambient temperature, and adiabatic expansion to refrigeration temperature; the air is customarily reused in a closed superatmospheric pressure system. Also known as dense-air system.


A device for projecting positive transparent pictures from glass or film onto a reflecting screen; it consists of a concentrated source of light, a condenser system, a holder (or changer) for the slide, a projection lens, and (usually) a blower for cooling the slide. Also known as slide projector.


A pressure chamber of a drum or header type located at the lower extremity of a water tube boiler and fitted with blowoff valve.


A local distortion or swelling outward caused by internal pressure on a tube wall or boiler shell due to overheating. Also applied to similar distortion of a cylindrical furnace due to external pressure when overheated, provided the distortion is of a degree that can be driven back.


A pressure vessel used to evaporate raw water by means of a steam coil. The steam is condensed by means of cooling water coils, and this distilled water is used as make-up for boiler feed.


A pressure chamber of a drum or header type located at the lower extremity of a water- tube boiler convection bank which is normally provided with a blowoff valve for periodic blowing off of sediment collecting in the bottom of the drum.


  1. The melting of an electric fuse because of excessive current. 2. The bursting of a container (such as a tube pipe, pneumatic tire, or dam) by the pressure of the contained fluid. 3. The rupture left by such bursting. 4. The abrupt escape of air from the working chamber of a pneumatic caisson.


A thermometer for high-temperature flowing gases that uses a liquid-cooled tube inserted in the flowing gas; gas temperature is deduced from the law of convective heat transfer to the outside of the tube and from measurement of the mass flow rate and temperature rise of the cooling liquid.


A tube of small internal diameter used as a liquid refrigerant flow control and pressure reducer between high and low pressure sides. Also used to transmit pressure from the sensitive bulb of some temperature controls to the operating element.

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