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  1. The melting of an electric fuse because of excessive current. 2. The bursting of a container (such as a tube pipe, pneumatic tire, or dam) by the pressure of the contained fluid. 3. The rupture left by such bursting. 4. The abrupt escape of air from the working chamber of a pneumatic caisson.

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  1. A circuit that keeps the output of a radio transmitter or other device essentially constant, even in the presence of large changes in the input amplitude. Abbreviated ALC. 2. In an automotive vehicle, a system in which two air-chamber shock absorbers in the rear are fed compressed air by an electric compressor; pressure in the air chambers is determined automatically by sensors to maintain the vehicle at a predetermined height regardless of load.


A plenum chamber around a burner in which an air pressure is maintained to ensure proper distribution and discharge of secondary air.


A chamber below the grate or surrounding a burner, thru which air under pressure is supplied for combustion of the fuel.


  1. A steel chamber fitted with auxiliary equipment to raise its air pressure to a value two to six times atmospheric pressure; used to relieve a diver who has decompressed too quickly in ascending. 2. Such a chamber in which conditions of high atmospheric pressure can be simulated for experimental purposes.


A pressure chamber of a drum or header type located at the lower extremity of a water- tube boiler convection bank which is normally provided with a blowoff valve for periodic blowing off of sediment collecting in the bottom of the drum.


  1. A ring-shaped auxiliary electrode surrounding one of the plates of a parallelplate capacitor to reduce edge effects. 2. A ring-shaped auxiliary electrode used in an electron tube or other device to modify the electric field or reduce insulator leakage; in a counter tube or ionization chamber a guard ring may also serve to define the sensitive volume. 3. A device used in heat flow experiments to ensure an even distribution of heat, consisting of a ring that surrounds the specimen and is made of a similar material.


A pressure chamber of a drum or header type located at the lower extremity of a water tube boiler and fitted with blowoff valve.


A cylindrical chamber in an engine in which the energy of the working fluid, in the form of pressure and heat, is converted to mechanical force by performing work on the piston. Also known as cylinder.


A caisson having a chamber filled with compressed air at a pressure equal to the pressure of the water outside.


A device to manually open a pressure relief valve by decreasing the spring loading in order to determine if the valve is in working order.

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