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  1. Along, straight tube, used in glass blowing, on which molten glass is gathered and worked. 2. A small, tapered, and frequently curved tube that leads a jet, usually of air, into a flame to concentrate and direct it; used in flame tests in analytical chemistry and in brazing and soldering of fine work. 3. See blowtorch.

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Glass spun into fine flexible threads that can be chopped strand mat or woven. The glass mats are formed in a mould and solidified by the addition of a resin. The process is called Glass Reinforced Plastic (polyester), GRP.


A barometer in which one end of a graduated glass tube is immersed in a cup, both cup and tube containing mercury.


An instrument which determines atmospheric pressure by measuring the height of a column of mercury which the atmosphere will support; the mercury is in a glass tube closed at one end and placed, open end down, in a well of mercury. Also known as Torricellian barometer.


A device which detects the presence of a tracer gas by using a glass tube attached to a high-voltage source; the presence of leaked gas is indicated by the color of the electric discharge.


  1. The slowly decaying luminescence of the screen of the cathode-ray tube after excitation by an electron beam has ceased. 2. A broad, high arch of radiance or glow seen occasionally in the western sky above the highest clouds in deepening twilight, caused by the scattering effect of very fine particles of dust suspended in the upper atmosphere.


A voltmeter designed to measure currents alternating at consisting of a metal tube with thick glass windows.


An instrument, used to measure the pressure exerted by a beam of light, in which there are two small, silvered glass mirrors at the ends of a light rod that is suspended at the center from a fine quartz fiber within an evacuated enclosure.


The glass tube in a spirit level containing the liquid and bubble.


A large, covered furnace or tank for melting large batches of glass, in which heat is supplied by a flame playing over the glass surface, and regenerative heating of combustion air and gas is usually employed. Also known as glass tank.


A device which combines fuel and air in proper proportions for combustion and which enables the fuel-air mixture to burn stably to give a specified flame size and shape.

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