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A device which converts mechanical force and motion into pneumatic flow power.

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A device which converts mechanical force and motion into hydraulic fluid power.


Device to meter liquid flow; measures the net force parallel to the direction of flow; the resulting pressure difference is used to solve flow equations.


  1. A mechanism to activate process control equipment by use of pneumatic, hydraulic, or electronic signals; for example, a valve actuator for opening or closing a valve to control the rate of fluid flow. 2. An auxiliary external electrode used to apply a known electrostatic force to the diaphragm of a microphone for calibration purposes. Also known as electrostatic actuator. 3. A device that produces mechanical force by means of pressurized fluid.


A cylindrical chamber in an engine in which the energy of the working fluid, in the form of pressure and heat, is converted to mechanical force by performing work on the piston. Also known as cylinder.


A device in which a voltage pulse through a solenoid coil causes reciprocating motion by a solenoid plunger, and this is transformed into rotary motion through a definite angle by ratchet-and-pawl mechanisms or other mechanical linkages.


A device for the mechanical movement of another device (such as a valve stem) whose action is controlled by variations in pneumatic pressure connected to the controller.


A mechanical device using trapped air to arrest motion without shock.


An electric, electronic, or mechanical device that periodically interrupts the flow of a direct current so as to produce pulses.


A device for measuring the total volume of a continuous gas flow stream in which the motion of two bellows, alternately filled with and exhausted of the gas, actuates a register.


A force having a controlled amplitude and frequency, applied continuously to a device driven by a servomotor so that the device is constantly in small-amplitude motion and cannot stick at its null position. Also known as buzz.

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