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Any foreign or unwanted substance that can have a negative effect on system operation, life or reliability.

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Environmental contaminant that ingresses due to the action of the system or machine.


An extraneous substance that is mixed as a contaminant with the air of the atmosphere.

SI (Systeme International) Units

An internationally accepted system of units modeled on the metric system consisting of units of length (meter), mass (kilogram), time (second), electric current (ampere), temperature (degrees Kelvin), and amount of substance (mole).


A refrigeration system in which a secondary solution, i.e. Brine, is circulated into the air or substance to be cooled, i.e. The secondary solution flows to and from the evaporator to release the heat absorbed from the air or substance being cooled.


  1. The method of applying a signal to an electronic circuit or device. 2. The process of introducing electrons or holes into a semiconductor so that their total number exceeds the number present at thermal equilibrium. 3. The introduction of fuel, fuel and air, fuel and oxidizer, water, or other substance into an engine induction system or combustion chamber.


A system of draining water that enters a compartment through scuppers or venturi's.


Any substance which if introduced into sea is liable to create hazards to human health to harm living resources, marine life, or damage, or to interfere with the legitimate uses of the sea.


A production system consisting of manufacturing cells linked together with a functionally integrated system for inventory and production control that uses less of the key resources needed to make goods.


Device which operates system or part of system based on temperature change.


A term used to describe a navigation system providing positioning capability wherever the observer may be located.

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