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A qualitative measure of the tendency of a petroleum product to corrode pure copper.

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Static Additive-a substance added to a petroleum product to prevent the accumulation of static electricity.


A qualitative method of determining the corrosivity of a petroleum product by observing its effect on a strip of polished copper suspended or placed in the product. Also known as copper strip test.


Substance added in small quantities to a petroleum product to increase its oxidation resistance, thereby lengthening its service or storage life; also called anti-oxidant. An oxidation inhibitor may work in one of these ways: (1) by combining with and modifying peroxides (initial oxidation products) to render them harmless, (2) by decomposing the peroxides, or (3) by rendering an oxidation catalyst inert.


The shelter and associated equipment for the withdrawal of liquid petroleum or a chemical product from a storage tank and loading it into a railroad tank car or tank truck.


In decision theory, a measure of the value or utility expected to result from a given strategy, equal to the sum over states of nature of the product of the probability of the state times the consequence or outcome of the strategy in terms of some value or utility parameter. Abbreviated EV. Also known as expected utility (EU).


[CHEMENG] Oil refinery catalytic process in which hydrogen is contacted with petroleum intermediate or product streams to remove impurities, such as oxygen, sulfur, nitrodirect indication of the amount of moisture in the air or other gas, the indication usually being in terms of relative humidity as a percentage which the moisture present bears to the maximum amount of moisture that could be present at the location temperature without condensation taking place.


Ship designed for transporting liquid cargo, usually petroleum products


Measure of below deck spaces and superstructure of full width.


An instrument designed to measure thermal conductivity; in particular, one that compares the rates at which different rods transmit heat.


An instrument used to measure the thickness of a material, for example, a sheet of paper.

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