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An electronic circuit that amplifies only that portion of a signal present when an enabling or controlling signal is simultaneously applied.

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An electronic leak detector for all halogen-related refrigerants.


A term referring to a circuit in which a current is flowing. Also referred to as live.


1. A sinusoidal quantity having a frequency that is an integral multiple of the frequency of a periodic quantity to which it is related. 2. A signal having a frequency which is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency.


Measures the radiation absorbed by chemically unbound atoms by analyzing the transmitted energy relative to the incident energy at each frequency. The procedure consists of diluting the fluid sample with methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) and directly aspirating the solution. The actual process of atomization involves reducing the solution to a fine spray, dissolving it, and finally vaporizing it with a flame. The vaporization of the metal particles depends upon their time in the flame, the flame temperature, and the composition of the flame gas. The spectrum occurs because atoms in the vapor state can absorb radiation at certain well-defined characteristic wave lengths. The wave length bands absorbed are very narrow and differ for each element. In addition, the absorption of radiant energy by electronic transitions from ground to excited state is essentially and absolute measure of the number of atoms in the flame and is, therefore, the concentration of the element in a sample.


Travel of a radio wave to the ionosphere and back to earth. The number of hops a radio signal has experienced is usually designated by the expression one-hop, two-hop, multihop, etc


Navigation toward a point by following a signal from that point. Radiobeacons are commonly used for homing.


A cooling circuit that sprays water over cooling coils through inflowing air to humidify or dehumidify that air, as required.


The voltage drop around a circuit including wiring and loads must equal the supply voltage.


An electronic instrument used to measure conductivity of a water sample to determine the dissolved solids content.


A source of power for an electrical circuit which does not reverse the polarity of its charge.
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