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A semiconductor junction located between the base and collector electrodes of a transistor.

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A process for treating raw extracted base stocks with hydrogen to saturate them for improved stability.


An annular depression that may not be continuous, located at the base of many sea mounts, islands, and other isolated elevations of the sea floor, analogous to the moat around a castle.


A fog that obscures less than six tenths of the sky, and does not extend to the base of any clouds


A radarscope phenomenon which appears as a constriction or expansion of the display near the center of the plan position indicator, which can be caused by a nonlinear time base or the sweep plot starting on the radar indicator at the same instant as the transmission of the pulse. The phenomenon is most apparent when in narrow rivers or close to shore.


A material which neutralizes acids. An oil additive containing colloidally dispersed metal carbonate, used to reduce corrosive wear.


The base fluid, usually a refined petroleum fraction or a selected synthetic material, into which additives are blended to produce finished lubricants.


Additive that prolongs the induction period of a base oil in the presence of oxidizing conditions and catalyst metals at elevated temperatures. The additive is consumed and degradation products increase not only with increasing and sustained temperature, but also with increases in mechanical agitation or turbulence and contamination: air, water, metallic particles, and dust.


The quantity of base, expressed in milligrams of potassium hydroxide, that is required to neutralize all acidic constituents present in 1 gram of sample. (ASTM Designation D 974.) .


A naval base; a naval air station is a base for naval aircraft.


An iron band around the base of a mast which holds a set of iron belaying pins.
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