The open-loop input impedance of both inverting and noninverting inputs of an operational amplifier with respect to ground.

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The differential input voltage that must be applied to an operational amplifier to return the zero-frequency output voltage to zero volts, due to device mismatching at the input stage.


A major or minor change in the design of an item, effected in order to correct a deficiency, to facilitate production, or to improve operational effectiveness.


A training exercise in which prospective decision makers act out managerial decision-making roles in a simulated environment. Also known as business game; operational game.


A collection of items not all having the same basic name, which are of a supplementary nature to a major component or equipment; the items within the collection may provide replacement parts and facilitate such functions as inspection, test repair, or preventive types of maintenance, for the specific purpose of restoring and improving the operational status of a component or equipment comparable to its original capacity and efficiency.


1. The ability of equipment to meet operational objectives with a minimum expenditure of maintenance effort under operational environmental conditions in which scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is performed. 2. Quantitatively, the probability that an item will be restored to specified conditions within a given period of time when maintenance action is performed in accordance with prescribed procedures and resources.


In a bipolar or MOS integrated circuit, the generation of photocurrents by ionizing radiation which can provide a trigger signal for a parasitic pnpn circuit and possibly result in permanent damage or operational failure if the circuit remains in this state.


Amplifier whose output polarity is reversed as compared to its input; such an amplifier obtains its negative feedback by a connection from output to input, and with high gain is widely used as an operational amplifier.


Ready for immediate use


A ship or hulk used as housing, generally when there is a lack of quarters available ashore. An operational ship can be used, but more commonly a hulk modified for accommodation is used.


A general term for one of the operational satellites of the Navy Navigation Satellite System, except for satellite 30110 called TRANSAT, placed in orbit prior to 1981. The improved satellites placed in orbit beginning in 1981 are called NOVA.

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