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In telemetry, signals recorded on a tape, along with the data and in the same track as the data, used during the playback of data to correct electrically the effects of tape-speed errors.

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A ratio of normal stress to a change in volume. A term used in determining the compressibility of a fluid. Data for petroleum products can be found in the International Critical Tables.


Referring to a computer monitor which displays data by scanning alternate lines instead of each line sequentially.


Computations of times and-altitudes of available satellite passes in a given period of time at a given location, based on orbital data transmitted from satellite memory. Sometimes called ALERT.


1. A periodical publication of astronomical data designed primarily for air navigation, but often used in marine navigation. 2. A joint publication of the U.S. Naval Observatory and H. M. Nautical Almanac Office, Royal Greenwich Observatory, designed primarily for air navigation. In general the information is similar to that of the Nautical Almanac, but is given to a precision of 1' of arc and 1s of time, at intervals of 10m (values for the sun and Aries are given to a precision of 0.1').


1. A periodical publication of astronomical data designed primarily for marine navigation. Such a publication designed primarily for air navigation is called an AIR ALMANAC. 2. Nautical Almanac; a joint annual publication of the U.S. Naval Observatory and the Nautical Almanac Office, Royal Greenwich Observatory listing the Greenwich hour angle and declination of various celestial bodies to a precision of 0.1' at hourly intervals; time of sunrise, sunset, moon rise, moonset; and other astronomical information useful to navigators.


A measure of the speed of computer data transmission in bits per second


A computer-assisted radar data process- ing system which generates predicted ship vectors based on the recent plotted positions. For such a system to meet the specifications of the Inter Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO), it must satisfy requirements with respect to detection, acquisition, tracking, display, warnings, data display, and trial maneuvers.


1. A map or chart showing certain fundamental information, used as a base upon which additional data of specialized nature are compiled or overprinted. 2. A map containing all the information from which maps showing specialized information can be prepared. Also called BASE CHART in nautical charting.


Observation of celestial phenomena. The expression is applied in navigation principally to the measurement of the altitude of a celestial body, and sometimes to measurement of azimuth, or to both altitude azimuth. The expression may also be applied to the data obtained by such measurement. Also called SIGHT in navigation usage.


The synoptic chart for any constant-pressure surface, usually containing plotted data and analyses of the distribution of, e.g., height of the surface, wind, temperature, and humidity. Constantpressure charts are most commonly known by their pressure value; for example the 1000-millibar chart. Also called ISOBARIC CHART.
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