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Having pnp and npn or pand nchannel semiconductor elements on or within the same integrated-circuit substrate or working together in the same functional amplifier state.

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A two-terminal semiconductor device whose resistance is temperature sensitive.


An active semiconductor device capable of providing power amplification and having three or more terminals.


The science and technology relating to the emission, flow, and effects of electrons in a vacuum or through a semiconductor such as a gas, and to systems using devices in which this action takes place.


A solid of crystal form that has conductivity between that of a conductor and an insulator.


A junction diode made by placing a pill of doped alloying material on a semiconductor material and heating until the molten alloy melts a portion of the semiconductor, resulting in a junction when the dissolved semiconductor recrystallizes. Also known as fused-junction diode.


A junction produced by alloying one or more impurity metals to a semiconductor to form a p or n region, depending on the impurity used. Also known as fused junction.


1. The cumulative process in which an electron or other charged particle accelerated by a strong electric field collides with and ionizes gas molecules, thereby releasing new electrons which in turn have more collisions, so that the discharge is thus self-maintained. Also known as avalanche effect; cascade; cumulative ionization; electron avalanche; Townsend avalanche; Townsend ionization. 2. Cumulative multiplication of carriers in a semiconductor as a result of avalanche breakdown. Also known as avalanche effect.


The reverse voltage required to cause avalanche breakdown in a pn semiconductor junction.


A semiconductor breakdown diode, usually made of silicon, in which avalanche breakdown occurs across the entire pn junction and voltage drop is then essentially constant and independent of current; the two most important types are IMPATT and TRAPATT diodes.


1. A junction phenomenon in a semiconductor in which carriers plant growth rate.
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