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A beam bridge in which the concrete roadway is mechanically bonded to the I beams by means of shear connectors.

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The compartment on a ship where the wheel is located; also called pilothouse or bridge.


A moveable bridge used in boarding or leaving a ship at a pier.


A member of the crew stationed on the forecastle, bridge, or in the case of sailing vessels, the crow's nest at the top of one of the main masts. His duty it is to watch for any dangerous objects or for any other vessels approaching .


A space where alarm bells are installed on the bridge of a ship to trace or rectify any machinery faults. The computerized devices will report any fault immediately it appears and the engineers on board can attend to the necessary ramifications.


1. An elevated structure extending across or over the weather deck of a vessel, or part of such a structure. The term is sometimes modified to indicate the intended use, such as navigating bridge or signal bridge. 2. A structure erected over a depression or an obstacle such as a body of water, railroad, etc. to provide a roadway for vehicles or pedestrians.


A board located on the navigation bridge used to display the course to steer, track, drift angle, leeway angle, compass error, etc.


Public address system: Loudspeakers in the vessel ́s cabins, mess rooms, etc., and on deck via which important information can bbroadcast from a central point, mostly from the navigation bridge


An erection fitted on the upper or superstructure deck of a ship. The officer's quarters, lounge are usually located in the bridge house


A ship constructed with upper deck extending throughout her entire length without a break or a superstructure, such as forecastle, bridge or poop


The enclosed space on the navigating bridge from which a ship is controlled when under way. See bridge
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