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The series placing of cylinders in an engine (such as steam) for greater ratios of expansion and consequent improved engine economy.

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An internal combustion engine cycle completed in four piston strokes; includes a suction stroke, compression stroke, expansion stroke, and exhaust stroke.


A thermometer in which the thermally sensitive element is a liquid contained in a graduated glass envelope; the indication of such a thermometer depends upon the difference between the coefficients of thermal expansion of the liquid and the glass; mercury and alcohol are liquids commonly used in meteorological thermometers.


Any straight link that transmits motion or power from one linkage to another within a mechanism, especially linear to rotary motion, as in a reciprocating engine or compressor.


A temperature scale in which the ratio of the temperatures of two reservoirs is equal to the ratio of the amount of heat absorbed from one of them by a heat engine operating in a Carnot cycle to the amount of heat rejected by this engine to the other reservoir; the temperature of the triple point of water is defined as 273.16 K. Also known as Kelvin temperature scale.


The housing for the crankshaft of an engine, where, in the case of an automobile, oil from hot engine parts is collected and cooled before returning to the engine by a pump.


An ideal cycle in which compression and expansion take place at constant entropy, an ideal gas turbine.


  1. A metal bar attached to one or both ends of a powered transportation vehicle, especially an automobile, to prevent damage to the body. 2. In a drilling operation, the supporting stay between the main foundation sill and the engine block. 3. In drilling, a fishing tool for loosening jammed cable tools.


Physical operation in which heat is removed from process fluids or solids; may be by evaporation of liquids, expansion of gases, radiation or heat exchange to a cooler fluid stream, and so on.


An engine test in a General Motors diesel engine to determine detergency, corrosiveness, ring sticking, and oxidation stability properties of lubricating oils.


Abnormal operation of a refrigerating unit because ice has formed at the expansion device.

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