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A principal component of a lathe consisting of a base and an upper part dovetailed together; the base is graduated in degrees and can be swiveled to any angle; the upper part includes the tool post and tool holder.

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A process for recovery of particles of ore or other material, in which the particles adhere to bubbles and can be removed as part of the froth.


The bar that supports the cutting tool in a lathe or other machine.


  1. The support for a column. 2. A metal support carrying one end of a bridge truss or girder and transmitting any load to the top of a pier or abutment. 3. See blanking level. 4. A supporting part or the base of an upright structure, such as a radar antenna.


  1. The point or edge of a diamond or other material set in a drill bit. Also known as cutting point. 2. The edge of a lathe tool in contact with the work during a machining operation.


(PM) a maintenance plan which uses time-based inspection, part replacement and/or overhauls in an effort to prevent equipment failures. Timing can be based on calendar days, cycles counter or equipment running hours. Such schedules are generally established by the machinery manufacturer and include lubrication servicing; filter, bearing and seal replacements; as well as major overhaul.


To reduce gradually an obligation, such as a mortgage, by periodically paying a part of the principal as well as the interest.


A plate or cap on the upper part of the cutting iron of a carpenter's plane designed to give the tool rigidity and also to break up the wood shavings.


An irregularity or channel cut into the face of a lathe tool behind the cutting edge to cause removed stock to break into small chips or curls.


A tool designed for taking the first cuts when the external surface of a piece in a lathe is being machined; it is supported in the tool holder at an unvarying angle.


A mortise with a sloping edge from bottom to surface so that a tenon can be inserted when the outside clearance is A thread-cutting tool with many which restrains the blank from spreading during hob sinking.

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