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A principal component of a lathe consisting of a base and an upper part dovetailed together; the base is graduated in degrees and can be swiveled to any angle; the upper part includes the tool post and tool holder.

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A device permitting air movement between atmosphere and the component in/ on which it is installed.


A filter intended to prevent only large particles from entering a component immediately downstream. Also known as Grit control filter, Last-chance filter


The qualified operating pressure which is recommended for a component or a system by the manufacturer.


Sometimes called a 'cam follower', a component in engine designs that use a linkage system between a cam and the valve it operates. The lifter typically translates the rotational motion of the cam to a reciprocating linear motion in the linkage system.


The act, process, or instance of change of position. Absolute motion is motion relative to a fixed point. Actual motion is motion of an object relative to the earth. Apparent or relative motion is change of position as observed from a reference point which may itself be in motion. Diurnal motion is the apparent daily motion of a celestial body. Direct motion is the apparent motion of a planet eastward among the stars; retrograde motion, the apparent motion westward among the stars. Motion of a celestial body through space is called space motion, which is composed of two components: proper motion, that component perpendicular to the line of sight; and radial motion, that component in the direction of the line of sight. Also called MOVEMENT, especially when used in connection with problems involving the motion of one vessel relative to another.


An instrument which senses the component of specific acceleration along an axis known as the sensitive axis of the accelerometer, and produces an output equal to the time integral of that quantity. Also called VELOCITY METER.


A line connecting points of equal magnetic intensity, either the total or any component


A sail control that lets one apply downward tension on a boom, countering the upward tension provided by the sail. The boom vang adds an element of control to sail shape when the sheet is let out enough that it no longer pulls the boom down. Boom vang tension helps control leech twist, a primary component of sail power.


Angular distance between the plane of the celestial meridian at a station and the plane of the celestial meridian at Greenwich. It is the longitude which results directly from observations of celestial bodies, uncorrected for deflection of the vertical, the prime vertical component of which, in the United States, may amount to more than 18'. Astronomical longitude applies only to positions on the earth, and i


A compass depending for its directive force upon the attraction of the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field for a magnetized needle or sensing element free to turn in a horizon- tal direction.
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