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A function used in the acoustic levitation technique to determine either the density or the adiabatic compressibility of a submicroliter droplet suspended in another liquid, if the other property is known.

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A thermal property of a fluid which is a function of state and is defined as the sum of stored mechanical potential energy and internal energy. It is generally expressed in Btu per pound of fluid (joules per kilogram).


The circulation of water in a boiler caused by differences in density; also referred to as thermal or thermally induced circulation.


As applied to heat, having the property that permits heat to be transmitted by rays similar to those of light. To absorb radiant heat, an object must be in the 'light' of the fire.


A series of four rectangular grids of black lines of varying widths printed on white background, used in criterion of blackness for determining smoke density from chimneys.


A vertical conduit, which due to the difference in density between internal and external gases creates a draft at its base.


The property of a material which permits no permanent distortion before breaking. cast iron, which breaks easily, is an example of brittle metal.


The property of a metal, which permits it to be hammered or rolled into other sizes and shapes.


The property of a metal to withstand impact or shock.


Describes an ideal process undergone by a gas in which no gain or loss of heat occurs.


The transfer of heat or mass by large-scale fluid movements. When the process occurs, due to density and temperature differences, it is termed natural convection. When the process occurs due to external devices (such as fans), it is termed forced convection.

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