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  1. A means of connecting two perfectly aligned shafts in which a slotted tapered sleeve is placed over the junction and two flanges are drawn over the sleeve so that they automatically center the shafts and provide sufficient contact pressure to transmit medium loads.
  2. A type of tubing fitting. Compression couplings provide a convenient method of joining relatively small diameter pipes. The olives in the coupling provide the seal by deforming into the pipe under the compressing load applied to it. There is, therefore, no need for any other jointing providing sufficient care has been taken with the original installation. Compression couplings are used in a wide variety of applications from relatively low-pressure domestic water systems (3 bar) to high-pressure hydraulic systems (200 bar).

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An instrument, used to measure the pressure exerted by a beam of light, in which there are two small, silvered glass mirrors at the ends of a light rod that is suspended at the center from a fine quartz fiber within an evacuated enclosure.


A smallangle rail crossing with two center frogs, each of which consists essentially of a knuckle rail and two opposed movable center points.


A valve in a compressor, usually automatic, which operates by pressure difference (less than 5 pounds per square inch or 35 kilopascals) on the two sides of a movable, single-loaded member and which has no mechanical linkage with the moving parts of the compressor mechanism.


  1. Prolonged undesirable opening and closing of electric contacts, as on a relay. Also known as contact chatter. 2. An irregular alternating motion of the parts of a relief valve due to the application of pressure where contact is made between the valve disk and the seat. 3. Vibration of a disk-recorder cutting stylus in a direction other than that in which it is driven.


Filter medium made up of two or more filter cartridges, either fastened end to end or arranged side by side (in series or parallel flow respectively).


A system composed of only one phase, so that two variables, such as pressure and temperature, are sufficient to define its thermodynamic state.


An electric charge at the surface of contact of two different materials. contact electromotive force See contact potential difference. contact gear ratio See contact ratio.


To break the contact between two objects.


Pipe elbow used as a liquids flowmeter; flow rate is measured by determining the differential pressure developed between the inner and outer radii of the bend by means of two pressure taps located midway on the bend.


A liquid-liquid extraction vessel in which perforated plates are used to bring about contact between the two or more liquid phases.

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