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  1. A means of connecting two perfectly aligned shafts in which a slotted tapered sleeve is placed over the junction and two flanges are drawn over the sleeve so that they automatically center the shafts and provide sufficient contact pressure to transmit medium loads.
  2. A type of tubing fitting. Compression couplings provide a convenient method of joining relatively small diameter pipes. The olives in the coupling provide the seal by deforming into the pipe under the compressing load applied to it. There is, therefore, no need for any other jointing providing sufficient care has been taken with the original installation. Compression couplings are used in a wide variety of applications from relatively low-pressure domestic water systems (3 bar) to high-pressure hydraulic systems (200 bar).

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A device for producing a deliberate pressure drop or resistance in a line by reducing the cross-sectional flow area.


Device to stop unit, equipment or system if unsafe pressure and/or temperatures and/or dangerous conditions are reached.


The weight of a specified artificial contaminant that must be added to the influent to produce a given differential pressure across a filter at specified conditions. Used as an indication of relative service life. Also known as Dirt capacity, Dust capacity


Often referred to as galling, scuffing, scoring, or seizing. It happens when sliding surfaces contact one another, causing fragments to be pulled from one surface and to adhere to the other.


The differential gas pressure at which the first steady stream of gas bubbles is emitted from a wetted filter element under specified test conditions.


A facility or enclosure in which air content and other conditions (such as temperature, humidity, and pressure) are controlled and maintained at a specific level by special facilities and operating processes and by trained personnel.


The process whereby large molecules are broken down by the application of heat and pressure to form smaller molecules.


Air at any pressure greater than atmospheric pressure.


An indicator which signals the difference in pressure between any two points of a system or a component.


The maximum specified inside-out differential pressure that can be applied to a filter element without outward structural or filter-medium failure.
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