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Buckling or collapse caused by compression, as of a steel or concrete column or of wood fibers.

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  1. Wrinkling or warping of fibers in a composite material. 2. Bending of a sheet, plate, or column supporting a compressive load.


Sudden increase of deflection or twist in a column when compressive stress reaches the elastic limit but before elastic buckling develops.


Buckling of thin elements of a column section in a series of waves or wrinkles.


Strips of wood fitted inside the frames to keep cargo away from hull steelwork. Also called sparring


Formation of an air or vapor pocket (or bubble) due to lowering of pressure in a liquid, often as a result of a solid body, such as a propeller or piston, moving through the liquid; also, the pitting or wearing away of a solid surface as a result of the collapse of a vapor bubble. Cavitation can occur in a hydraulic system as a result of low fluid levels that draw air into the system, producing tiny bubbles that expand explosively at the pump outlet, causing metal erosion and eventual pump destruction.


An exposed varnished wood or polished metal on a boat.


An inward structural failure of a filter element which can occur due to abnormally high pressure drop (differential pressure) or resistance to flow.


A wood placed in bottom of ship to keep cargo dry


Wood or metal planes attached to hull to prevent leeway


A groove cut in wood to form part of a joint.

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