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A structural member subject to tension.

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An area of security approved by custom authorities for the safekeeping or deposit of goods liable for excise duty but not yet subject to that duty.


1. An artificial bank confining a stream channel or limiting adjacent areas subject to flooding. 2. on the sea floor, an embankment bordering a canyon, valley, or sea channel


Pricing systems that are flexible and not subject to conference approval. Usually applied to products in which tramps are substituted for liners.


Depending upon as a condition


A tidal datum that is the average height of the surface of a tidal river at any point for all stages of the tide observed over a 19- year Metonic cycle (the National Tidal Datum Epoch) usually determined from hourly height readings. In rivers subject to occasional freshets, the river level may undergo wide variations, and for practical purposes certain months of the year may be excluded in the determination of tidal datums. For charting purposes, tidal datums for rivers are usually based on observations during selected periods when the river is at or near low water state.


The lower of the two layers into which the F-layer divides during daylight hours. Situated about 140 miles above the earth's surface, it reaches its maximum density at noon. Since its density varies with the extent of the sun's radiation, it is subject to daily and seasonal variations. It may disappear completely at some point during the winter months.


Position determination that relies on craft or vehicle cooperation but is not subject to craft or vehicle navigational errors (e.g., secondary radar).


An area of pack ice is subject to shear when the ice motion varies significantly in the direction normal to the motion, subjecting the ice to rotational forces. These forces may result in phenomena similar to a FLAW.


A method of transmission in which the frequencies produced by the process of modulation on one side of the carrier are transmitted and those on the other side are sup- pressed. The carrier frequency may either be transmitted or sup- pressed. With this method, less power is required for the effective signal at the receiver, a narrower frequency band can be used, and the signal is less subject to man-made interference or selective fading.


The zone off the coast of a nation immediately seaward from a base line. Sovereignty is maintained over this coastal zone by the coastal nation, subject to the right of innocent passage to the ships of all nations. The United States recognizes this zone as extending 4.8 kilometers from the base line.
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