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The use of computers in converting engineering designs into finished products. Computers assist managers, manufacturing engineers, and production workers by automating many production tasks, such as developing process plans, ordering and tracking materials, and monitoring production schedules, as well as controlling the machines, industrial robots, test equipment, and systems that move and store materials in the factory. Abbreviated CAM.

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In the operation of automated radar plotting aids, the process of observing the sequential changes in the position of a target to establish its motion.


Tracking of a target by using Doppler radar. DOP test See dioctyl phthalate test.


(CBM) a maintenance plan, conducted on a frequent or real-time basis, which is based on the use of Condition Monitoring to determine when part replacement or other corrective action is required. This process involves establishing a baseline and operating parameters, then frequently monitoring the machine and comparing any changes in operating conditions to the baseline. Repairs or replacement of parts are carried out before the machinery fails based upon the use of the tools prescribed for CM.


A computer-automated system in which individual engineering, production, marketing, and support functions of a manufacturing enterprise are organized; functional areas such as design, analysis, planning, purchasing, cost accounting, inventory control, and distribution are linked through the computer with factory floor functions such as materials handling and management, providing direct control and monitoring of all process operations. Abbreviated CIM.


A device consisting of a motor and variable-speed drive which provides a means of setting a desired tracking rate into a director or other fire-control instrument, so that the process of tracking is carried out automatically at the set rate until it is of water.


The maximum percentage of defects that has been determined tolerable as a process average for a sampling plan during inspection or test of a product with respect to economic and functional requirements of the item. Abbreviated AQL.


An enclosed space that is maintained at a specified temperature, usually 73 F (23 C), with the humidity maintained at 98% or above and that is used to cure and store test specimens of cementitious material.


  1. The method of applying a signal to an electronic circuit or device. 2. The process of introducing electrons or holes into a semiconductor so that their total number exceeds the number present at thermal equilibrium. 3. The introduction of fuel, fuel and air, fuel and oxidizer, water, or other substance into an engine induction system or combustion chamber.


  1. Application of voltage to an electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic rectifier, or semiconductor device to produce a desired permanent change in electrical characteristics as a part of the manufacturing process. 2. A process for shaping or molding sheets, rods, or other pieces of hot glass, ceramic ware, plastic, or metal by the application of pressure.


An oil refining process in which the gas-oil is cracked by a catalyst bed fluidized by using oil vapors.

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