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A carefully insulated distillation apparatus which is capable of very high separating power, and in which the outer vapor-rising annulus of the column is concentric around an inner, bottom-discharging reflux return.

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Special molecular distillation apparatus designed for high evaporative and separation efficiency. Also known as falling-film molecular still.


Fluid system in which the process fluid is taken from and pumped back into the system, as in the circulation of distillation column bottoms through an external heater.


  1. A perforated plate or screen used to even out liquid-flow fluctuations through flow channels. 2. A perforated plate as used in a distillation column or liquid-liquid extraction column.


An instrument for measuring the change of a substance's melting point with change in pressure; the height of a mercury column in a U-shaped capillary supported by an equilibrium between liquid and solid in an adjoining bulb is measured, and the whole apparatus is in a thermostat.


Distillation column in which vapor-liquid contact is provided by perforated plates instead of bubble-cap trays.


Apparatus to measure pressure differences between two points in a system; it can be a pressured liquid column balanced by a pressured liquid reservoir, a formed metallic pressure element with opposing force, or an electrical-electronic gage (such as strain, thermal-conductivity, or ionization).


An apparatus used in fractional distillation to cool the vapor mixture, thereby condensing higher-boiling fractions.


Pump used to circulate process liquid out of and back into a process system, as in the circulation of distillation column bottoms through an external heater, or the circulation of storage tank bottoms to mix tank contents.


  1. A rotating device for separating liquids of different specific gravities or for separating suspended colloidal particles, such as clay particles in an aqueous suspension, according to particle-size fractions by centrifugal force. 2. A large motor-driven apparatus with a long arm, at the end of which human and animal subjects or equipment can be revolved for high ratios of compression.


A type of column packing used in distillation columns.

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