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Metal tubes used in a heat-transfer device, with condenser vapor as the heat source and flowing liquid such as water as the receiver.

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Condenser using the outer surface of the cabinet as the heat radiating medium.


An instrument for determining either the specific gravity of a liquid or the API gravity.


The assimilation of one material into another; in petroleum refining, the use of an absorptive liquid to selectively remove components from a process stream.


The ability of a system to remove heat as compared with the cooling effect produced by melting of ice.


Additive for protecting lubricated metal surfaces against chemical attack by water or other contaminants. There are several types of corrosion inhibitors. Polar compounds wet the metal surface preferentially, protecting it with a film of oil. Other compounds may absorb water by incorporating it in a water-in-oil emulsion so that only the oil touches the metal surface. Another type of corrosion inhibitor combines chemically with the metal to present a non- reactive surface.


The state of air being suspended in a liquid such as a lubricant or hydraulic fluid.


The process whereby large molecules are broken down by the application of heat and pressure to form smaller molecules.


A thermo-dynamic process in which no heat is extracted from or added to the system of the process.


A device to transfer heat from a low temperature to a high temperature medium.


A fluid used to remove heat. See Cutting fluid.
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