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The real part of the admittance of a circuit; when the impedance contains no reactance, as in a direct-current circuit, it is the reciprocal of resistance, and is thus a measure of the ability of the circuit to conduct electricity. Also known as electrical conductance. Designated G.

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A measure of how readily alternating current will flow in a circuit; the reciprocal of impedance, it is expressed in siemens.


A telephone or telegraph circuit part of which passes through the ground.


A type of pressure transducer in which a change of pressure is converted into a change of magnetic reluctance or inductance when one part of a magnetic circuit is moved by a pressure-sensitive element, such as a bourdon tube, bellows, or diaphragm.


  1. To separate two portions of a process system by means of valving or line blanks; used as safety measure during maintenance or repair, or to redirect process flows. 2. To disconnect a circuit or piece of equipment.


An instrument used to measure the thickness of a material, for example, a sheet of paper.


A routeing measure to separate the flow of vessels in areas of high traffic density, usually the approaches to busy harbours. Vessels should enter and exit the zones at their termination points.


A unit of measure commonly used in water analysis for the measurement of impurities in water. (17.1 grains = 1 part per million


Measure of ability of being compressed. The change in volume of a unit volume of a fluid when subjected to a unit change of pressure.


An arched oven that carbonizes coal into coke by using the heat of combustion of gases that are formed, and of a small part of the coke that is formed, with no recovery of by-products.


  1. To smooth the surface of concrete or stone. 2. The arrangement of connecting wires in a circuit to prevent undesirable coupling and feedback. 3. To shape a tool. 4. To restore a tool to its original shape and sharpness.

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