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A pump in which liquid metal or some other conductive liquid is moved through a pipe by sending a current across the liquid and applying a magnetic field at right angles to current flow.

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A type of electro magnetic clutch in which torque is transmitted by means of eddy currents induced by a magnetic field set up by a coil carrying direct current in one rotating member.


[ENG ACOUS] Loudspeaker in which the current which reacts with the steady magnetic field is induced in the moving member.


A bar of semiconductor material, such as germanium, that will oscillate much like a quartz crystal when it is placed in a magnetic field and is carrying direct current that flows parallel to the magnetic field.


The ratio of the strength of the magnetic field at a compass to the strength if there were no disturbing material nearby; usually expressed as a decimal. Because of the metal of a vessel, the strength of the earth’s magnetic field is reduced somewhat at a compass location aboard ship. The shielding factor is one minus the percentage of reduction.


An instrument for measuring the flow of a conducting liquid passing through a tube, in which the tube is placed in a transverse magnetic field and the induced electromotive force between electrodes at opposite ends of a diameter of the tube perpendicular to the field is measured.


Instrument which measures the current passing through a fixed coil and a movable coil connected in series by balancing the torque on the movable coil (resulting from the magnetic field of the fixed coil) against that of a spiral spring.


An instrument used to measure ocean current velocities based on their electrical effects in the magnetic field of the earth.


The region within which a body or current experiences magnetic force.


  1. The field of influence which an electric current produces around the conductor through which it flows. 2. A rapidly moving electric field and its associated magnetic field located at right angles to both electric lines of force and to their direction of motion. 3. The magnetic field resulting from the flow of electricity.


The technique of transporting high-energy, high-current electron beams from an accelerator to a target through a region of high-pressure gas by creating a path through the gas where the gas density may be temporarily reduced; the gas may be ionized; or a current may flow whose magnetic field focuses the electron beam on the target.

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