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Electric connection of two electric circuits by their sharing the same resistor.

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A welding process in which two layers of thermoplastic film are heated and fused to form a welded seam by clamping them together in close contact with a shielded electric heating element.


  1. Two like conductors employed to form an electric circuit. 2. Two parts in a kinematic mechanism that mutually constrain relative motion; for example, a sliding pair composed of a piston and cylinder.


A large, usually abrupt rise in electric current in the presence of a small increase in voltage; can occur in a confined gas between two electrodes, a gas tube, the atmosphere (as lightning), an electrical insulator, and a reverse-biased semiconductor diode. Also known as electrical breakdown.


An electric charge at the surface of contact of two different materials. contact electromotive force See contact potential difference. contact gear ratio See contact ratio.


In electric systems, a metal housing containing two or more devices (such as fuses) for protection against excessive current in circuits which supply portable electric appliances.


A method of detecting faults in an electric power system in which signals are transmitted from each of two terminals every half cycle so that a continuous signal is received at an intermediate point if there is no fault between the terminals, while a periodic signal is received if there is a fault.


Two or more electric circuits so arranged that energy can transfer electrically or magnetically from one to another.


A pyrheliometer consisting of two identical Manganin strips, one shaded, the other exposed to sunlight; an electrical current is passed through the shaded strip to raise its temperature to that of the exposed strip, and the electric power required to accomplish this is a measure of the solar radiation.


Meter constructed so that two aspects of an electric circuit may be read simultaneously.


The placing of a grounded metal screen, sheet, or enclosure around a device or between two devices to prevent electric fields from interacting.

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