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Partial evaporation (flash) of hot condensed liquid by a stepwise reduction in system pressure, the hot vapor supplying heat to a cooler evaporator step (stage).

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Heat exchanger arranged to take heat from liquid going to evaporator and using it to superheat vapor leaving evaporator.


An evaporation system in which a series of evaporator bodies are connected so that the vapors from one body act as a heat source for the next body.


Physical operation in which heat is removed from process fluids or solids; may be by evaporation of liquids, expansion of gases, radiation or heat exchange to a cooler fluid stream, and so on.


A solar heating or cooling system that operates by using gravity, heat flows, or evaporation rather than mechanical devices to collect and transfer energy.


A section of knitted wire mesh that is placed below the vapor outlet of a vaporizer or an evaporator to separate entrained liquid droplets from the stream of vapor.


A petroleum-refinery still in which heat is applied to the oil while it is being pumped through a coil or pipe arranged in a firebox, the oil then running to a fractionator with continuous removal of overhead vapor and liquid bottoms.


A method of measuring the latent heat of vaporization of a liquid that involves determining the temperature rise of a water bath that encloses a tube in which a given amount of vapor is condensed.


A system employing a device, which penetrates the tank and which, when in use, permits a small quantity of cargo vapor or liquid to be expelled to the atmosphere. When not in use, the device is kept completely closed.


The heat required to cause a change in state of a substance from solid to liquid (latent heat of fusion) or from liquid to vapor (latent heat of vaporization). These phase changes occur without change of temperature at the melting point and boiling point, respectively.


Boil-off is the vapor produced above the surface of a boiling cargo due to evaporation. It is caused by heat ingress or a drop in pressure.

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