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A cone-shaped nozzle that disperses fluid in an atomized mist.

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A short flanged or welded neck connection on a drum or shell for the outlet or inlet of fluids; also a protecting spout for the outlet or inlet of fluids; also a projecting spout through which fluid flows.


A flowmeter in a closed conduit, consisting of a short flared nozzle of reduced diameter inset into the inner diameter of a pipe; used to cause a temporary pressure drop in flowing fluid to determine flow rate via measurement of static pressures before and after the nozzle.


  1. An electrode through which charge carriers (holes or electrons) are forced to enter the high-field region in a spacistor. 2. An apparatus containing a nozzle in an actuating fluid which is accelerated and thus entrains a second fluid, so delivering the mixture against a pressure in excess of the actuating fluid. 3. A plug with a valved nozzle through which fuel is metered to the combustion chambers in dieselor full-injection engines. 4. A jet through which feedwater is injected into a boiler, or fuel is injected into a combustion chamber.


Determines the concentration of elements represented in the entrained fluid contaminant.


Measure of ability of being compressed. The change in volume of a unit volume of a fluid when subjected to a unit change of pressure.


An installation on a pipeline that automatically provides the proper pressure when a fluid is being transported.


Removing air from a liquid, usually by ultrasonic and/or vacuum methods.


The fluid admission phase or travel of a reciprocating piston and cylinder mechanism as, for example, in an engine, pump, or compressor.


(1) The swirling motion of a liquid in a vessel at the entrance to a discharge nozzle. (2) The point in a cyclonic gas path where the two spirals change general direction by 180o.


Chamber or vessel in which the velocity of heavy particles (solids or liquids) in a fluid stream is reduced to allow them to settle downward by gravity, as in the case of a dust-laden gas stream.

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