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Liquids-storage tank with flattened conical roof to allow a vapor reservoir at the top for filling operations.

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A loose ring, the inner surface of which rides a shaft or journal and dips into a reservoir of lubricant from which it carries the lubricant to the top of a bearing by its rotation with the shaft.


A system where the incoming domestic water supply main provides suction to a booster pump that pumps water to a storage tank located at the top of the building. Water flows downward from the tank into the domestic water system.


A covering usually of wood, placed over the tank top for its protection


A section of free space above the top of a oil cargo tank allowing for expansion of the oil with minimal free surface consequences.


The quantity of water that is lost during the initial filling of a reservoir because of absorption of filling.


The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside faces of the cargo battens, and lower side of the deck beams, and the top of the tank top ceiling.


Inerting means: (i) the introduction of inert gas into an aerated tank with the object of attaining an inert condition suited to a safe gassing-up operation. (ii) the introduction of inert gas into a tank after cargo discharge and warming-up with the object of:— (a) reducing existing vapor content to a level below which combustion cannot be supported if aeration takes place (b) reducing existing vapor content to a level suited to gassing-up prior to the next cargo (c) reducing existing vapor content to a level stipulated by local authorities if a special gas-free certificate for hot work is required — see gas-free condition.


A type of tank roof (steel, plastic, sheet, or microballoons) which floats upon the surface of the stored liquid; used to decrease the vapor space and reduce the potential for evaporation.


The distance from the top of a tank to its contents top surface.


A system employing a device, which penetrates the tank and which, when in use, permits a small quantity of cargo vapor or liquid to be expelled to the atmosphere. When not in use, the device is kept completely closed.

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