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A divergent valve whose cone-shaped head in a fixed cylinder spreads water around the wide, downstream end of the cone in spillways of dams or hydroelectric facilities. Also known as Howell-Bunger valve.

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A type of hydrometer which carries a pan at its upper end in which weights are placed; the relative density of a liquid is measured by determining the weights necessary to sink the instrument to a fixed mark, first in water and then in the liquid being studied.


The addition of the fluorine ion (F ) to municipal water supplies in a final concentration of 0.8 1.6 parts per million to help fixed quantity of water when a handle is operated; used to flush toilets and urinals.


The piping system for a reaction-type hydraulic turbine that allows the turbine to be set safely above tail water and yet utilize the full head of the site from head race to tail race.


A rod, usually of metal, with a square, round, or hexagonal head at one end and a screw thread on the other, used to fasten objects together.


A steel cylinder or tank that provides for controlled mixing of calcium carbide and water to generate acetylene.


Band or brace to attach the raw end of a hose to a water outlet.


Tube connected to low-pressure side of a thermostatic expansion valve diaphragm and to exit end of evaporator.


Falls which flow alternately in opposite directions in a narrow channel in the St. John River, New Brunswick, Canada, due to the large range of tide and a constriction in the river. The direction of flow is upstream or downstream according to whether it is high or low water on the outside, the falls disappearing at the half- tide level.


A bolt with an enlarged, tapered head that is inserted into masonry or stone and fixed with lead; used as a foundation bolt.


The valve through which a fluid is drawn into the cylinder of a positive-displacement engine, pump, or compressor. Also known as induction valve.

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