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The probability in acceptance sampling that the quality of accepted lots manufactured will be better than the rejectable quality level (RQL); 90% level indicates that accepted lots will be better than the RQL 90 times in 100.

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  1. A wave caused by the gravitational interactions between the sun, moon and earth. Essentially, high water is the crest of a tidal wave and low water is the trough. Tide is the vertical component of the particulate motion and tidal current is the horizontal component. The observed tide and tidal current can be considered the result of the combination of several tidal waves, each of which may vary from nearly pure progressive to nearly pure standing and with differing periods, heights, phase relationships, and directions. 2. Any unusually high and destructive water level along a shore. It usually refers to either a storm surge or tsunami.


A change in water level caused by local meteorological conditions, in contrast to an ASTRONOMICAL TIDE, caused by the attractions of the sun and moon.


A marine marker that displays the changing level of the sea water by increments.


Continuous deck above the main deck at the level of the bulwarks.


A sheet of gray or bluish cloud within the middle level (mean height 6,500-20,000 ft.). Sometimes the sheet is composed of a compact mass of dark, thick, gray clouds of fibrous structure; at other times the sheet is thin and through it the sun or moon can be seen dimly.


Test valves on a water column used to verify the water level when the gauge glass is out of service.


The fuel burning capacity of a burner at sea level in Btu per hour as specified by the manufacturer.


1) A time draft (or bill of exchange) that the drawee (payer) has accepted and is unconditionally obligated to pay at maturity. 2) Broadly speaking, any agreement to purchase goods under specified terms.


A low cloud (mean upper level below 6,500 ft.) in a uniform layer, resembling fog but not resting on the surface.


Prolonged period when the tidal level remains constant.

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