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Inverted-cone device for the separation of heavy particulates (such as sand, ore, or other mineral matter) from a liquid stream; feed enters the top of the cone, heavy particles settle to the bottom where they can be withdrawn, and liquid overflows the top edge, carrying the smaller particles or those of lower gravity over the rim; used in the mining and chemical industries.

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Removal of fine solid particles (grit) from a liquid carrier by gravity separation (settling) or centrifugation.


A group of industrial operations by means of which particles of solid or drops of liquid are removed from a gas or liquid, or are separated into individual fractions, or both, by gravity separation (settling), centrifugal action, and filtration.


The distillation separation of a single liquid feed stream containing three or more components into a single overhead product and a single botmultimeter See volt-ohm-milliammeter.


Device for the controlled 227 fluid distributor fluid dram distribution of fluid feed to a process unit, such as a liquid-gas or liquid-solids contactor, reactor, mixer, burner, or heat exchanger; can be a simple perforated-pipe sparger, spray head, or such.


  1. A rotating device for separating liquids of different specific gravities or for separating suspended colloidal particles, such as clay particles in an aqueous suspension, according to particle-size fractions by centrifugal force. 2. A large motor-driven apparatus with a long arm, at the end of which human and animal subjects or equipment can be revolved for high ratios of compression.


A shallow bowl with a concave bottom so that a liquid-solid suspension can be fed to the center; coarse particles fall to the bottom, where they are raked to a central discharge point, and liquid and fine particles overflow the edges and are collected.


Separation by boiling of a liquid mixture with different component boiling points; feed is introduced continuously, with continuous removal of overhead vapors and high-boiling bottoms liquids.


  1. A device that makes use of a spring for closing, and a compression chamber from which liquid or air escapes slowly, to close a door at a controlled speed. Also known as door check. 2. In elevators, a device or assembly of devices which closes an open car or hoistway door by the use of gravity or springs.


A device used to remove liquid or solid particles from a flowing gas stream.


Chamber or vessel in which the velocity of heavy particles (solids or liquids) in a fluid stream is reduced to allow them to settle downward by gravity, as in the case of a dust-laden gas stream.

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