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A cone-shaped tumbling pulverizer in which the steel balls are classified, with the larger balls at the feed end where larger lumps are crushed, and the smaller balls at the discharge end where the material is finer.

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A tricone type of ball mill; the cones become steeper from the feed end toward the discharge end.


Divisions made of incombustible material and capable of preventing the passage of smoke and flame up to the end of the first 12 hour of the standard fire test.


The ratio of the absolute pressure at the discharge from a compressor divided by the absolute pressure at the suction. For internal combustion engines compression ration is absolute pressure at the end of compression stroke divided by absolute pressure at beginning of this stroke


A device used to feed an injection mold, separating molten feed material from partially molten pellets.


The amount of liquid cargo retained in a cargo tank at the end of discharge. It is used to maintain the cargo tanks cooled down during ballast voyages by re-circulating through the sprayers. On LPG ships such cooling down is carried out through the reliquefaction plant and on LNG ships by using the spray pumps.


Total-immersion type of thermometer with a cup container at the bulb end to hold a specified amount and depth of the material whose temperature is to be measured.


Shipped under rate that includes cost from end of ship's tackle at load port to end of ship's tackle at discharge port.


A device to apportion the output of granulated or powdered solids at a constant rate from a feed hopper; weight-measured decrease in hopper content actuates further opening of the discharge chute to compensate for flow loss as the hopper overburden decreases; used in the chemical, fertilizer, and plastics industries.


Cyclically stressing a material at a level higher than that used at the end of a fatigue test.


The law that the energy needed to crush a solid material to a specified fraction of its original size is the same, regardless of the original size of the feed material.

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