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In paper manufacture, a cone-shaped continuous refiner having two sets of bars mounted on the rotating plug and fixed shell for beating unmodified cellulose fibers.

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A fixed bridge consisting of two spans projecting toward each other and joined at their ends by a suspended simple span.


A machine for breaking rock between two steel jaws, one fixed and the other swinging. Also known as jawbreaker.


  1. Preferential dissolving of mineral constituents in concentrations of ore. 2. Liquefaction of organic waste materials by action of microbes. 3. Separation of fabric from tires by the use of hot sodium hydroxide. 4. Removing lignin from wood in manufacture of chemical cellulose paper pulp. 5. The process of sewage treatment by the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter.


A coupling in which two or more pins extend out from a plug and engage in grooves in the side of a socket.


An instrument which determines the altitude of an object with respect to a fixed level, such as sea level; there are two common types: the aneroid altimeter and the radio altimeter.


The mounting of an equatorial telescope; it has two perpendicular axes, the polar axis (parallel to the earth's axis) that turns on fixed bearings, and the declination axis, supported by the polar axis.


The cellulose material used to produce paper board and other paper products.


One of two machinetool centers used to hold work and to rotate it by a fixed amount.


A tracking or navigation system where ellipsoids of position are determined from time or phase summation relative to two or more fixed stations which are the focuses for the ellipsoids.


A tackle in which an endless cable passes through a movable lower pulley, which carries the load, and two fixed coaxial upper pulleys having different diameters; yields a high mechanical advantage.

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