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Any device or porous substance used as a strainer for cleaning fluids by removing suspended matter.

Wire gauze type filters are made with coarse or fine mesh depending upon the positioning of the filter unit in the oil system. An example of this are hot and cold oil filters fitted in oil burning and pumping installations, the coarse mesh suction filters are used for cold oil and the fine mesh discharge filters are used for the heated oil. The wire mesh type filter, however, is rarely made to filter out particles below 125 microns in size. If finer filtration is required, other types of filter units are used, one such filter unit is the well known Auto-Klean Strainer.

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A coarse filter element (pore size over approximately 40 μm) .


A combination device used as a strainer and moisture remover.


A device, such as a filter, to retain solid particles allowing the liquid to pass.


A breathing device consisting of head harness, mouthpiece, nose clip, corrugated breathing tube, an equalizing device, 120 feet (37 meters) of reinforced air tubes, and a strainer and spike.


Is an aluminum sulfate or filter alum. Acts in the range of 5.0 to 8.0 pH.


The weight of a specified artificial contaminant that must be added to the influent to produce a given differential pressure across a filter at specified conditions. Used as an indication of relative service life. Also known as Dirt capacity, Dust capacity


The differential gas pressure at which the first steady stream of gas bubbles is emitted from a wetted filter element under specified test conditions.


The porous device that performs the actual process of filtration. Also known as Cartridge


The attraction to, and retention of particles in, a filter medium by electrostatic forces, or by molecular attraction between the particles and the medium.


A filter assembly containing multiple ports and integral relating components which services more than one fluid circuit.
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