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A spring which has a constant restoring force, regardless of displacement.

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At constant temperature absolute pressure varies inversely to volume.


Saybolt Universal Second. Unit of oils viscosity. The time required for a fixed volume of oil to flow through a tube of a definite diameter at constant temperature.


A device for admitting feedwater to a boiler automatically on demand. Practically a constant water level should result.


A thermodynamic process of a gas in which the heat transfer to or from the gaseous system causes a volume change at constant pressure.


From the Greek word hedron (a geometrical figure having any number of planes). The theoretical ideal shape for planing over the water surface is one of constant (mono) section. Thus monohedron describes a hull that has a running surface of constant section; in practice the sections may not be exactly the same.


Duration of flood is the interval of time in which a tidal current is flooding, and the duration of ebb is the interval in which it is ebbing; these intervals being reckoned from the middle of the intervening slack waters or minimum cur- rents. Together they cover, on an average, a period of 12.42 hours for a semidiurnal tidal current or a period of 24.84 hours for a diurnal current. In a normal semidiurnal tidal current, the duration of flood and duration of ebb will each be approximately equal to 6.21 hours, but the times may be modified greatly by the presence of a nontidal flow. In a river the duration of ebb is usually longer than the duration of flood because of the fresh water discharge, especially during the spring months when snow and ice melt are the predominant influences.


A device for damping spring oscillations after abrupt removal or application of a load.


A self-acting spring bolt with a beveled head.


The voltage across a semiconductor diode that is carrying current in the forward direction; it is usually approximately constant over the range of currents commonly used. Also known as diode drop; ware or metal by immersion into a tank of melted nonmetallic material, such as resin or plastic, then chilling the adhering melt.


An ideal cycle in which compression and expansion take place at constant entropy, an ideal gas turbine.

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