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A spring-loaded support designed to maintain a constant and balanced load on a pipe in the event of vertical movement.

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In a piping system, a support fitted to the bend of a vertical pipe to permit the direct load of the pipework and fittings to be transferred to the floor, foundation, or associated installations.


An instrument for measuring weight or mass which consists of a 122 single pan (together with a set of weights that can be suspended from a counterpoised beam) that has a constant load (200 grams for the microbalance).


A viscometer in which the liquid whose viscosity is to be measured fills the space between two vertical coaxial cylinders, the inner one suspended by a torsion wire; the outer cylinder is rotated at a constant rate, and the resulting torque on the inner cylinder is measured by the twist of the wire. Also known as rotational viscometer.


  1. The support for a column. 2. A metal support carrying one end of a bridge truss or girder and transmitting any load to the top of a pier or abutment. 3. See blanking level. 4. A supporting part or the base of an upright structure, such as a radar antenna.


A supposed equality existing in vertical sections of the earth, whereby the weight of any column from the surface of the earth to a constant depth is approximately the same as that of any other column of equal area, the equilibrium being maintained by plastic flow of material from one part of the earth to another


A rolling element bearing primarily designed to support load perpendicular to the axis.


Property of a lubricant to form a film on the lubricated surface, which resists rupture under given load conditions. Expressed as maximum load the lubricated system can support without failure or excessive wear.


A direct vertical support in a structure.


A vertical line at the intersection of the summer load line and the after side of the rudder post or sternpost, or the centerline of the rudder stock if there is no rudder post or sternpost


Spring-loaded screws designed to secure headlights to a support frame and permit aiming of the headlights in horizontal and vertical planes.

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