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A survey that gives locations for construction work.

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The condition of a vessel with regards to materials, construction, equipment, crew and outfit which is considered safe for the trade in which it is employed


A certificate issued by a flag administration confirming that the structure, equipment, fittings, arrangements and materials used in the construction of a gas carrier are in compliance with the relevant Gas Code. Such certification may be issued on behalf of the administration by an approved classification society.


The Gas Codes are the Codes of construction and equipment of ships carrying liquefied gases in bulk. These standards are published by IMQ.


The conditions which must be fulfilled in order to use a measuring instrument correctly, taking account of its design, construction and purpose. NOTE: The conditions of use can refer, among other things, to the type and condition of the subject of the measurement, the value of the quantity measured, the values of the influence quantities, the conditions under which the indications are observed, etc.


Refrigerator construction which has the inner lining of refrigerator serving as the cooling surface.


The material of construction of a heat exchanger.


A vessel equipped to assist during offshore construction and maintenance work.


  1. Up through the 19th century, a deck aboard a ship that was primarily used for the mounting of cannon to be fired in broadsides.
  2. On smaller vessels (of frigate size or smaller) up through the 19th century, the completely covered level under the upper deck, even though in such smaller ships it carried none of the ship's guns.
  3. On marine seismic survey vessels, the lowest deck on the ship, which carries the seismic source arrays, consisting of air guns arranged in clusters.
  4. In naval slang, to fabricate or falsify something; in modern usage, meaning especially to falsify documentation in order to avoid doing work or make present conditions seem acceptable without having made a real effort to improve them.


A permanently anchored vessel performing the functions of a lighthouse, typically in a location where construction of the latter is impractical. These have largely been replaced by buoys or, as construction techniques have improved, actual lighthouses.


A floor space used for laying down the full size lines of a ship for making templates for construction

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