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A device in which a vapor, such as steam, is brought into direct contact with a cooling liquid, such as water, and is condensed by giving up its latent given amplitude.

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A function of tooling operations accomplished by designing and constructing the tooling device so as to bring together the proper contact points or surfaces between the workpiece and the tooling.


A device that dehumidifies air by bringing it into contact with a solid adsorbing substance.


A heat-exchange device utilizing many small cells, shaped like a bees' comb, for cooling circulating water in an automobile.


  1. A steam condenser in which the heat exchange occurs through metal walls separating the steam from cooling air. Also known as air-cooled condenser. 2. A device that removes vapors, such as of oil or water, from the airstream in a compressed-air line.


A turning device that assures the turbine rotor is being rotated for the purpose of even cooling after a shutdown.


  1. A device for cooling and cleaning air in which the entering warm, air washer air-water jet moist air is cooled below its dew point by refrigerated water so that although the air leaves close to saturation with water, it has less moisture per unit volume than when it entered. 2. Apparatus to wash particulates and soluble impurities from air by passing the airstream through a liquid bath or spray.


A cooling tower that depends upon natural convection of air flowing upward and in contact with the water to be cooled.


A device for projecting positive transparent pictures from glass or film onto a reflecting screen; it consists of a concentrated source of light, a condenser system, a holder (or changer) for the slide, a projection lens, and (usually) a blower for cooling the slide. Also known as slide projector.


Fluid-cooling device through which the fluid flows in a series of horizontal tubes, one above the other; cooling water from a trough drips over each tube, then to a drain. Also known as serpentine cooler; trickle cooler.


A parameter devised to measure the air's cooling effect upon a human body; it is determined by the amount of heat required by a device to maintain the device at a constant temperature (usually 34 C); the entire system should be made to correspond, as closely as possible, to the external heat exchange mechanism of the human body.

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