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A mechanism in which all members move only in prescribed paths.

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NOx formed at the initial stages of combustion that cannot be explained by either the thermal mechanism or the fuel NOx mechanism. The prompt NOx mechanism requires the CH radical as an intermediate, so the fuel must have carbon present to create prompt NOx.


NOx formed via the Zeldovich mechanism. The rate-limiting step in this mechanism is the formation of the O radical. This occurs only at high temperatures (above about 2400o F.). Hence the term thermal NOx, since it is NOX produced in the highest temperature regions of the flame.


The chemical union of two or more molecules of the same compound to form a larger molecule of 1 new compound called a polymer. By this mechanism the reaction can become self-propagating causing liquids to become more viscous and the end result may even be a solid substance. Such chemical reactions usually give off a great deal of heat.


A support or guide by means of which a moving part such as a shaft or axle is positioned with respect to the other parts of a mechanism.


A system of lubrication in which parts of a mechanism dip into and splash the lubricant onto themselves and/or other parts of the mechanism.


A switch-type mechanism that opens automatically when it senses an overload (excess current).


Mechanism for pumping fluid by revolving blades inside cylindrical housing.


Refrigerant control mechanism which controls the level of the liquid refrigerant in the high-pressure side of mechanism.


A compressor which uses a piston and cylinder mechanism to provide pumping action. Consist of one or more piston and cylinder combinations. The piston moves in a reciprocating motion to draw the suction gas into the cylinder on one stroke and to compress and discharge it to the condenser on the return stroke.


NOx that is formed from nitrogen that is organically bound to the fuel molecule. Fuel NOx is most often a problem with liquid fuel or coal burning. Once the nitrogen has been cracked from the fuel molecule, the mechanism follows basically the same path as the prompt NOx mechanism.

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